Deutsche Rohstoff in the press


28 July 2021

We are entering a decade of commodities
Dr Thomas Gutschlag, CEO of Deutsche Rohstoff, in conversation with Hedgework host Uwe Lill.

Udo Rettberg

28 June 2021

I think it's starting again...
Dr Thomas Gutschlag talks to Udo Rettberg about fossil energies and e-mobility


24 June 2021

The 'Berggeschrey' has almost fallen silent.
Dr. Thomas Gutschlag talks to Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung about the prospects of Deutsche Rohstoff and why fossil raw materials are anything but a discontinued model.


19 June 2021

We are very satisfied with the start of the current financial year.
Dr Thomas Gutschlag in an interview with Nebenwerte-Magazin about foresight in times of crisis and how Deutsche Rohstoff benefits from the economic recovery.


17 June 2021

I expect oil prices to continue rising in the medium term. And why oil production and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.
Dr. Thomas Gutschlag in an interview with wallstreet:online

Focus online

17 June 2021

Deutsche Rohstoff' enjoys bright prospects
Dr Thomas Gutschlag talks to Focus online about the doubled EBITDA in Q1 2021


10. Juni 2021

Existing production is very profitable. On oil price rally and inflation.
Dr Thomas Gutschlag in an interview with Handelsblatt

Prior Börse

9. Juni 2021, Nr. 42

Deutsche Rohstoff turns on the oil tap. The Corona Year 2020 and what is better in 2021.
Dr Thomas Gutschlag in Prior Börse