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Deutsche Rohstoff 20. July 2021

Full repayment of the 2016/21 bond

Deutsche Rohstoff AG will repay the maturing 2016/21 bond on schedule today.

Deutsche Rohstoff 6. July 2021

Group net income rises to EUR 17.5 million

First-half sales and EBITDA significantly above plan/Increase in forecast

Deutsche Rohstoff 23. June 2021

Continued positive development

At the end of the first half of the year, Deutsche Rohstoff AG provides an update on the development of its business.

Deutsche Rohstoff 10. May 2021

Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Strong start into 2021

Deutsche Rohstoff Group generated net income of EUR 11.7 million in the first quarter (previous year: EUR 0.9 million).

Deutsche Rohstoff 26. April 2021

Consolidated financial statements 2020 published

Deutsche Rohstoff published its financial statements for the difficult 2020 financial year. The English version of the Annual Report 2020 will be available at the website shortly.

Deutsche Rohstoff 18. March 2021

Investment portfolio remains very successful

The equity and bond portfolio, which Deutsche Rohstoff AG built up in oil and gold stocks and bonds last year in response to the COVID crisis, continues to deliver very good results.