Mission Statement

Mission Statement IR & CR

Trust, transparency, responsibility and consistency mark the focus of our investor and creditor relations work. Continuous and comprehensive communication with capital market participants is our top priority.

Deutsche Rohstoff is Germany’s only listed company that exploits the opportunities of the international commodity markets through its investments, and allows its investors to participate in them. The focus is on the development of oil and gas deposits in the US. Metals such as gold, copper or tungsten round off the portfolio. Our mission: Deutsche Rohstoff is the commodities expert.

It is not quick success that counts, but long-term growth and a resulting solid increase in shareholder value. Our goal is to pay our shareholders an attractive dividend from long-term secured earnings.

The fulfilment of our payment obligations (interest and principal servicing) from the bonds issued is classified by the Deutsche Bundesbank with the most important quality feature of central bank eligibility (Notenbankfähigkeit).