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The Deutsche Rohstoff Group is essentially divided into the Energy and Strategic and Battery Metals divisions. The following chart provides an overview of the structure of the Group with all major subsidiaries and shareholdings.

Graphic: Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Group Structure Infographic
Foto: Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Energieförderung in Nordamerika

The core business of Deutsche Rohstoff is the production of crude oil and natural gas in the USA. In addition, the Group is involved in strategic metals, battery metals and other resources, in particular in exploration and mining projects, as well as in the processing of resources.

As the parent company, Deutsche Rohstoff AG manages the Group. It founds subsidiaries and initiates new projects together with experienced and successful management in the various divisions. In addition, it invests in companies. As is common in the resources sector, subsidiaries often acquire and divest assets, production facilities and land positions as part of their operating business.

The Group's management and employees in the subsidiaries play a central and critical role in this process. The success of Deutsche Rohstoff is largely dependent on small and experienced management teams. The involvement and participation of employees in the success of companies and projects is therefore a key success criterion for Deutsche Rohstoff AG.

Operational and investment activities are concentrated in countries that have a stable political and legal system. In 2023, all activities were located in the United States, Australia, Western Europe and South Korea. The Group is present in these countries through subsidiaries, shareholdings and cooperation agreements. All subsidiaries and companies with majority ownership are based in Europe and the USA.

Deutsche Rohstoff finances the activities and secures financing partners, decides on the strategic orientation, investments and divestments, and conducts public relations and capital market communication. Experienced managers, mostly specialized engineers and geologists with many years of industry expertise, are responsible for the operational business on site.