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Foto: Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Arbeiter vor Rohstoff-Förderanlage

Oil and gas production in the USA: Successful since 2011

The focus of Deutsche Rohstoff's operating business is currently on oil and gas production in the USA. This business unit generates almost 100% of the Group's revenues and is driven by the four operating US subsidiaries. All four subsidiaries manage their operations out of Denver, Colorado. At the end of 2023, the subsidiaries operated 85 wells and have a working interest in over 88 partner-operated, so-called non-operated, wells. The focus of the companies is on the Rocky Mountain region, but opportunities in other economically attractive basins are also being evaluated.

Deutsche Rohstoff has been active in the oil and gas business in the USA since January 2011 and has been able to further expand its position as a renowned player through several successful transactions and the profitable development of the acquired areas.

Foto: Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Erdölgewinnung in Nordamerika


We produce oil and gas in the United States. In 2023, around 4.7 million barrels of oil equivalent.

About Energy

Opportunities in Strategic and Battery Metals

In addition to the oil and gas business, Deutsche Rohstoff AG holds both majority and minority stakes in companies that are active in the extraction, processing and exploration of metals. Deutsche Rohstoff finances activities, decides on investments and divestments, while the operational business on site is managed by experienced managers.

In the Metals business, the Group has a subsidiary, Prime Lithium AG, as well as a relevant stake of more than 10% in Almonty Industries. The subsidiary Prime Lithium AG pursues the processing of lithium products from mining in an early development phase.

Almonty Industries, a shareholding specializing in tungsten, operates a mine in Portugal and is also developing other tungsten projects. Almonty's largest project, the Sangdong mine in South Korea, is scheduled to start production in 2024 and will be the largest tungsten mine outside of China.


We participate in promising projects in the field of strategic and battery metals. For the production of high-performance batteries, our focus is also on lithium.

About Metals

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