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Successful expansion with a focus on responsible energy production

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Strategic and battery metals are part of our portfolio

In addition to our oil and gas projects in the U.S., we are involved in promising metal projects and are constantly looking for new investment opportunities. The focus here is on strategic metals, which are needed for high-performance batteries, among other things. Our projects are located in countries that are politically stable and have a reliable legal system.

Almonty Industries: Future largest tungsten producer outside China

The most important investment in the metals sector is Almonty Industries, which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Almonty specializes in tungsten, a metal that is extremely high heat resistance and hard. Tungsten is needed in many major industrial products and cannot be replaced. Almonty already produces in Portugal and is in the process of significantly increasing its market position with the Sangdong project in South Korea. The aim is to build the largest tungsten producer outside China. Starting in 2024, Sangdong will reliably supply tungsten concentrates of high and consistent quality in the long term, especially for customers in Western Europe. Almonty Website

Prime Lithium: Optimized Lithium Processing

Our subsidiary, Prime Lithium AG, is engaged in a development project to process spodumene into high-purity lithium products. In 2023, Prime Lithium AG signed an option agreement for an area of 22 hectares on the site of the Stade Chemical Park on the Elbe in Lower Saxony. Prime Lithium has set itself the goal of advancing the process optimization of lithium processing. The long-term goal is to produce battery chemicals of the highest purity and quality. The further timetable depends on the progress of the approval procedures, the results of the optimization work and the financing. Prime Lithium Website

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