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Companies are per se a social element, since they provide society with goods and services available that otherwise would not exist. They can only do so as long as they are profitable over time. This requirement again ensures that materials are used optimally and resources are optimally distributed. Profitable companies create something that was not there beforehand such as products, services, jobs, and thus increase the standard of living in the world.
However, in addition we have yet another concern. It affects the local population. Resource extraction is a business connected to one location on the one hand, on the other hand in most countries in the world central or state government have appropriated the raw materials and corresponding royalties to the disadvantage of landowners and communities. But since the people are the mainly affected party, we aim to the creation of win-win situations at the local level. This begins with transparency, early involvement of the local population and leads on the use of local services, the improvement of the infrastructure, the support of local customs and associations to the creation of local jobs and the increased amount of municipal taxes, such as the business tax.


Deutsche Rohstoff AG
Of course the extraction of rocks and the extraction of metals is an intervention in the environment. Furthermore rising demand for resources leads to additional mining. But without additional extraction of raw materials, a large part of humanity would not be able to improve their material situation. Part of the rising standard of living is also the first applications of environmental technologies, which are often made from metallic or oil-based raw materials.
On the other hand, technical progress has ensured that environmentally safe mining today is not only possible, but is more common than ever, even though production is significantly higher. In addition all metals are in principle endlessly recyclable once they have been mined.
In all our license areas we work with the latest technology, continuous measurements and the best known methods, in order to minimize interference with landscape and nature. This is applicable both for exploration as well as for production. Furthermore the countries in which we operate (Germany, Canada, Australia, United States) have the world’s highest environmental standards that we implement in cooperation with the local authorities.


Deutsche Rohstoff AG
One of the central aspects of our responsibility next to protecting residents from accidents is the safety of our employees during all activities carried out. It is our goal to best prevent any form of work-related accidents and incidents. This is especially relevant in manufacturing companies, where we apply the developed world’s highest safety standards in the mining industry.
Our employees are encouraged to consider this commitment constantly and exemplify. Every company that works together with Deutsche Rohstoff must comply with our safety requirements.