Farewell from former CEO Titus Gebel

Dear Sir or Madam,

after nearly nine years, the time has come for me to say goodbye and pursue other interests. I am pleased to put the management of the company in the hands of my esteemed partner Thomas Gutschlag, with whom I have founded Deutsche Rohstoff AG in March 2006. I will continue to act as an advisor for the company to a limited extent.

Thank you very much for your trust and good cooperation over so many years.

The company is now in better shape than ever. Not just because of the cash on hand, which allows us to make profitable acquisitions in times of low commodity prices but also because we gained experience with our many projects over the last several years that have a significant impact on the company.

Since the founding of Deutsche Rohstoff we have brought into production a goldmine, a tungsten mine and over 30 oil wells. To create these real values was very satisfying and special for me. Also the shareholders have benefited from these projects as can be seen in the share price since the IPO in 2010.

The commodity business follows different rules than a normal production operation. Many difficulties arise only during the course of the mining and can not be completely avoided even with thorough preparation. Setbacks are therefore part of the business but also represent valuable experience and knowledge for future projects.

Deutsche Rohstoff, which was founded with an initial capital of EUR 250,000 from practically nothing, has now established a significant network within the international commodity economy and as commodity player on a national level. I would also like to emphasize that we have built up an excellent second management level which has consistently international experience and knowledge and which is professionally relevant to the company. Our leading geologist, Dr. Joerg Reichert, who has moved to the Board of the company, was with us nearly from the beginning and knows the company in every detail. Continuity and quality are thus ensured.

The current low oil and metal prices are an ideal starting point for new projects. There is still a lot to expect from the company, so remain faithful to Deutsche Rohstoff.

Kind regards and „Glückauf“ – as a German miner’s good luck call goes,

Titus Gebel

Heidelberg, 1 January 2015

Deutsche Rohstoff (Heidelberg, Germany), listed in the Entry Standard segment of Frankfurt Stock Exchange, is establishing a new primary producer. The company’s focus is placed on oil & gas and so called high tech metals such as tin, tungsten, and rare earth metals. All projects are located in political stable countries with high environmental standards. The business concept is based on redeveloping deposits, which have been well explored in the past. For more information please visit www.rohstoff.de.

Deutsche Rohstoff AG
Thomas Gutschlag
Tel. +49 6221 871 000

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