Deutsche Rohstoff: Salt Creek Oil & Gas acquires oil and gas assets in North Dakota

Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Deutsche Rohstoff: Salt Creek Oil & Gas acquires oil and gas assets in North Dakota

Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Expected total revenue above USD 200 million/Purchase price USD 38.1 million

Mannheim/Denver. Salt Creek Oil & Gas, a subsidiary of Deutsche Rohstoff AG, announced today that it signed a definitive purchase and sale agreement to acquire non-operated assets in the Bakken and Three Forks plays of the Williston Basin for USD 38.1 million. The assets consist of 1,795 net mineral acres, working interest in 60 gross producing wells, and in approximately 90 additional infill development wells.

Average working interest of Salt Creek in the wells is about 8 %. The current production of 550 BOEPD attributable to Salt Creek, as well as drilled uncompleted wells are expected to generate revenues of USD 6.5 Million in 2017 and will result in an EBITDA contribution to Salt Creek of USD 4.8 million, using a 2017 WTI average of USD 50/barrel. Based on the current expectations & budgeting, revenues and EBITDA will notably increase over the next years. All wells are non-operated, but are developed and operated by high-quality companies including Hess, EOG Resources, Statoil, Whiting and XTO.

The USD 38.1 million transaction, which has a 1 September 2016 effective date, is subject to customary purchase price adjustments and closing conditions. From this day onward, revenues and expenses will be ascribed to Salt Creek. The management expects to finalize the acquisition in December 2016. The transaction will be funded by a combination of debt and equity, including a Reserved Based Lending facility from a US bank. After the transaction Deutsche Rohstoff will hold a 90 % interest in Salt Creek Oil & Gas.

The 90 development wells, which have not yet been drilled but make out a significant share of the value of the assets, are expected to be drilled by operators over the next 3 to maximum 5 years. Needed investments will primarily be financed out of the ongoing cash flow. Based on the November 15th 2016 WTI Future, total revenue in the full development case of all wells over a 20 year period will amount to above USD 200 million, EBITDA will be above USD 140 million. This estimation is based on the assumption that all outstanding wells will actually be drilled and that the expected production is generated.

Tim Sulser, CEO of Salt Creek Oil & Gas, commented: “This transaction is an important milestone for Salt Creek. The position represents some of the highest-quality oil and gas development acreage in the US, and we plan to use the asset to build a significant position in the Williston Basin. Further, working with a diverse group of operators allows us to participate directly in rising prices and benefit from further efficiency gains.”

Thomas Gutschlag, CEO of Deutsche Rohstoff, said: “We are delighted that Tim Sulser and his team succeeded in acquiring this position, which secures a long-term and economically robust production and adds a strong second pillar to our US oil and gas business.”

Mannheim, 22 November 2016


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