Deutsche Rohstoff sells extraordinary medal made from natural Rhinegold in limited edition

Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Deutsche Rohstoff sells extraordinary medal made from natural Rhinegold in limited edition

Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Heidelberg. Deutsche Rohstoff AG minted a medal made from rare natural Rhinegold. This medal takes up the Nibelungen saga and the edition is limited to 999 pieces. The coin weighs about ¼ ounce and has a natural fineness grade of 946. It will be delivered in a high-quality box. Apart from the actual coin, the box contains a Certificate of Authenticity and some of the original heavy mineral concentrate with numerous tiny gold grains, the way it occurs in between stages of the extraction of Rhinegold.

The gold for the currently presented medal has been obtained from sediments of the river Rhine and washed with exquisite craftsmanship by a partner of Deutsche Rohstoff. It consists of about 95% gold and 5% silver. Silver is a natural component of Rhinegold.

Deutsche Rohstoff has already experienced very good responses with medals made from German gold and silver in the past. In 2009, a coin made from silver from the Odenwald and a Rhinegold medal introduced in 2010 were sold out in no time. The current medal with the emblem of the city Worms will probably be sold out very quickly as well.

The medal tells the legends of the Nibelungen, the city of Worms and dragons. On the website, Deutsche Rohstoff provides further information about the origin and the production of the coin. It can also be ordered through the website. The design of the coin was drawn up in collaboration with an international multiple award-winning medalist.

Since 1674, coins and medals have been known, which were characterized as Rhinegold medals. Their imprint was reserved for electors and kings. Other well-known Rhinegold ducats are known from the Bavarian kings Maximilian I., Ludwig I. and Maximilian II. These ducats are very rare and therefore treasured as art and financing objects, as the extraction of Rhinegold has always been very labor intensive and expensive and only a few kilograms were extracted through the centuries.

Dr. Jörg Reichert, CTO of Deutsche Rohstoff, said: “We are delighted to be able to offer an extraordinary collector’s item with this new Rhinegold medal. Although we usually deal with the industrial development of deposits, it is a great pleasure to hold something this rare and valuable – like gold from the Rhine – in our hands. You can almost feel the special craftsmanship that was used in order to produce such a medal.”

Heidelberg, 24 November 2015


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