Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Hammer Metals announces further results of current drilling campaign

Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Deutsche Rohstoff AG: Hammer Metals announces further results of current drilling campaign

Deutsche Rohstoff AG

Heidelberg. The Australian company Hammer Metals Limited (“HMX”), 17.3% owned by Deutsche Rohstoff, published further results of its current exploration campaign on their license area within the Mount Isa region in Queensland/Australia.

The present drilling data reveal an outstanding image for the Overlander-North area. Sections of various drillings show a mineralization of 1.3% copper over 75 meters and 0.54% copper over 97 meters. The mineralization style indicates an attractive IOCG mineralization.

In addition, further data has been published for another drill hole within the Overlander-Central area. The drill hole was aiming to confirm a known mineralization, which extends over several kilometers within the area and is outcropping at surface. The hole showed a copper grade of 0.31% over 71 meters. Both the width and the grade have also previously been verified by two other holes with similar results. The holes returned 0.34% copper over 116 meters and 0.31% copper over 110 meters. The current results further support the assumption of a large and continuously mineralized copper deposit.

The drill holes within the license areas Hammertime and Andy’s Hill also provided good results. The Hammertime target was drilled for the first time and next to other results showed an interception of 216 meters length with elevated metal contents, which can be interpreted as an indication for a nearby ore body. Within both license areas, the present results indicate an extensive IOCG mineralization, which can form large copper-cold deposits.

Jörg Reichert, CTO of Deutsche Rohstoff, commented: “We are very satisfied with the now fully available data of the current drilling campaign. They form the basis for future planning. In particular, the license area Overlander has shown exceptionally good drilling results. Overlander could be the target for intensive exploration in the near future.”

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Heidelberg, 5 June 2015


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